Payment and Fee Information

Fee Structure

Huntsville Texas Attorney Patti J. Hightower charges clients a flat fee for any services rendered in drafting transactional documents, such as wills and real estate documents. For more complex services, such as family law or criminal law cases, Attorney Hightower charges a modified flat fee based on the information the client provides when the attorney-client contract is initiated. This fee structure protects clients from unnecessary fees by requiring the client to pay only for the services they need.

  • Criminal Law Contracts – If you work with Attorney Hightower on a criminal law case, the contract will include non-refundable flat fees based on the services your attorney provides before trial. This flat fee will also include any fees associated with an ALR hearing or occupational driver’s license. If you want to pursue a trial with representation from Attorney Hightower, an additional contract is required.
  • Family Law Contracts – If you sign a family law contract with Attorney Hightower, you will agree to a flat fee based on the anticipated number of court appearances to be made throughout the case. Mediation and/or depositions will incur an additional fee, as not all clients will require these services. If extra court appearances are necessary, you will pay a separate fee for each additional fee.

Payment Plan

Unlike many other attorneys, Attorney Patti J. Hightower offers clients a payment plan option that allows them to pay their legal fees over time using a series of payments. The first payment is due to retain the attorney and provide the client with legal representation. Each successive payment is due on the dates specified in the attorney-client contract.

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